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Real World Same or Different

Exploration/Instruction/Assessment of same and different
Fran T.
Special education instructor
Garnet Valley Middle School
Glen Mills, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science

Students will be able to determine if two objects/images/manipulative are same or different.   This is a real world skill and also a skill assessed in annual Brigance testing for my Life Skills students.

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Same or Different

Teacher will show videos on congruent objects.

Teacher will provide images, store ads, and manipulatives to facilitate discussion of same and different.


Use teacher-created google doc with images.

Student Instructions

Students will answer individually-posed questions on same versus different.


Students will work together to determine congruence, sort by category and attribute and complete Venn Diagram to compare same and different for provided objects/graphics.

2 Exploring real world same and different

Activity: Exploring

Teacher poses guiding questions.


Are basketballs still basketballs in different colors?

Are same model cars the same despite color?



Student Instructions

Have students discuss in small group:


Is a red car and a black car of same model the same?

Are dark blue and light blue jeans of same style the same?


Have students turn around rectangles of same shape and see how diamond is the same as square by physical manipulation

3 Interactive practice

Students will practice online the skill using teacher provided websites.

Student Instructions

Student work individually to practice skills.

Students take turns answering smartboard-delivered practice.

Students work together to decide on answer to interactive practice questions.




Students will complete homework assignment to find and bring in two congruent objects from home.

4 Assessment in various formats

Activity: Assessing

Teacher provides individual paper and pencil assessment as well as physical manipulation demonstration to assess whether students understand the concept of same and different.  They must understand that color does not matter, only size and shape. They must understand that orientation of the object does not exclude congruence.

Student Instructions

Students will physically manipulate objects to demonstrate congruence. They will hand, point, or verbally identify which objects are congruent and which are not congruent. 


Students will individually complete short paper/pencil assesment identifying polygons and answering real world application questions on congruence.