Lesson Plan

Reading Literature: Story Retelling

This app flow will describe apps for story retelling.
Jana S.
Technology Integration Specialist
Mt. Lebanon School District
Pittsburgh, United States
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Students will be able to retell a story using key ideas and details. 

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Hook

Teacher will retell a familiar story with students using the Puppet Palls app and play it for students. The teacher will ask how the students could tell the main characters and events in the story (each puppet was a character, the characters told the story, ect). The teacher will tell students that they will also be creating a story retelling through a digital storytelling app. 

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will use the Show Me app to draw a graphic organizer of important story elements including: main idea, supporting details, characters, setting, climax, resolution. 


3 Independent Practice

1. Have students work either individually or in small groups.

2. The students can choose from one of the apps above or if they choose to use another app, it must be teacher approved.

3. Students will choose a story to retell using the app and must include the story elements described in the direct instruction part of the lesson (characters, setting, climax, main idea, details, resolution). 


4 Wrap-Up

To Wrap-Up the lesson, have students present their story retelling to the class and have students (as audience members) complete an informal checklist on each presentation. 

Review informal checklists with student(s). 

Informal Checklist
Student Name Characters Setting Main Idea Supporting Details Climax Resolution