Lesson Plan

Reading Comprehension

Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting, or events

Students will be able to...

1.Describe characters in a story.        

2.Use illustrations to determine the setting of a story.        

3.Use details in a story to understand the events that happened.    

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Reading Comprehension

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My lesson will start with a powerpoint of pictures that distinctly match certain descriptions of a setting or a character’s emotions/traits. I will ask the students what they believe the picture is trying to convey to get an understanding of which students can use pictures as a way of comprehending a story and which students cannot. I will then read a short story on the website called Storybird, but as I read have the students will come up and highlight what details in the story help reveal the kind of characters and setting that were presented in the story. Then we will do an activity using the website Storyboard that which i will give each table a different setting and character description and the students can choose which illustrations best match that description.