Lesson Plan

Reading and Writing

A short day of reading and writing using apps

Students will be able to showcase reading comprehension using a writing app.


ISTE standards addressed:

Communication and collaboration
Creativity and Innovation
Research and Information Fluency

Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Model digital age work and learning

English Language Arts
Grades K – 4
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 Hook

This is an opening activity to get the students interested in the reading activity. Introduce the app and tell the students which video they should watch, giving step by step instructions.

Student Instructions

Students will be able to, in groups if necessary, go onto an iPad or other device to watch the video the teacher has suggested in this app.

2 Guided Practice

Together, go over how to work this app with the students. Pick a book for example and show the students what to do with it once they have read a book.

Student Instructions

Students will individually, or in partners/small groups if technology access not permitting, read through one of the books they selected in the app.

For example, a student really likes underwater animals. This student can go into the reading rainbow app and go into the "animal kingdom" section where they can find a book on the subject they most want to read.

3 Independent practice

The teacher will first explain how to use this app. This app will be used so students can write or draw something that explains the story they just read through the reading rainbow app. These will be shared amongst the class upon completion.

Student Instructions

Students will individually, or in pairs and small groups if there is not enough technology, create a drawing or write a few sentences (more depending on age group) about their story.

For example, the student who likes underwater animals, after reading a book, can draw a picture illustrating something they saw in the book to share with the class.