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Reading a Thermometer and telling temperature

Telling Temperature
Stacy G.
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My Grades 3
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Students will be able to...

Read a Thermometer to the Nearest Degree Fahrenheit

Identify the Freezing and Boiling  Points of Water and Normal Body Temperature on the Fahrenheit Scale

Estimate a Reasonable Temperature

Grades 3
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Ask the students what they think the weather temperature is outside right now.

Pull up online weather forcast

Student Instructions

Students read the temperature on the smartboard

2 Direct Instruction

Show the students the thermometer and have them tell the exact temperature to the nearest degee Fahrenheit

Talk about the conditions would be like and what it would feel like outside at that particular temperature.

Tell students water freezes at 32 degree F and boils at 212 degrees

Tell them their normal body temperature is 98.6. Ask students what they think their temperature could be when they are sick

Student Instructions

Students read the thermometer


Students give feedback about weather conditions

Ask them what temperature water freezes and boils


3 Guided Practice

Show students how to play game of telling temperature on the online site

Student Instructions

Students follow along and as we play online game together as a class for demonstration

4 Independent Practice

Have students practice telling the temperature with the online game independently

Student Instructions

Students work on telling time to the nearest degree with the online game independently

5 Wrap up

Activity: Assessing

Tell the students we will be graphing a recording the temperature at the beginning of the day for the next month at our

Student Instructions

Students will record temperature in the morning on the math meeting bulletin board each day to the nearest degree