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Using tables and graphs to represent ratios
Cherrie C.
Classroom teacher
Chesnee Middle School
Chesnee, United States
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My Grades 6
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Given a ratio, students will create a ratio table, write an equation for the table, and then graph it.

Grades 6
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Activity: Other — Journal

"There are 12 boys and 14 girls in Mrs. Smith's class. Represent the ratio of girls to boys in 3 different ways."

Student Instructions

The student will represent a ratio written in 3 different forms.

2 Independent Practice

Student Instructions

Students will watch 2 lesson videos on ratios and proportions on Khan Academy.  After completion of the videos, students will take a "quiz" and record their score with the teacher.

3 Exit

Free, Paid

Administer review quiz for students.

Student Instructions

Complete the kahoot review with groups.