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Race to Collect Things!

Digital scavenger hunt collaborative activity used to practice content curation
Sarah G.
Technology coordinator
Memorial Middle School
South Portland, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8

Students will be able to collect and organize digital media.

  • Collect a variety of digital media from different sources
  • Organize media in a Google Drive folder
  • Rename and move files 
  • Share files
  • Collaborate
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Scavenger Hunt Activity!

Organize students into groups of three or four.

Explain that they are going to create some fun things and move around the school building looking for others. 

The object of the game is to collect everything on the list in and organize it into a team folder.  

There may be things you want your students to have practice using - apps, concepts, skills, etc.  Feel free to adapt the scavenger hunt to your liking.

Some important tips: 

  • Read directions carefully
  • Name all files appropriately.  Example "team selfie", NOT "img_4923.jpg"
  • There must be at least one file owned by each team member in the finished folder.  Everyone must contribute!
  • Be considerate of other classes while moving around the building.
  • Be creative.  If you can't find what you need, think about how you might use your iPad to make it.
  • Have fun!

Once students are finished, have them double check all the directions - is everything named, organized, and owned as instructed?

Students may enjoy viewing the contents of each team's folder in front of the class.  

It may be necessary to vote on a winner as there may be groups who finished first, but are missing something in the instructions.

No matter who wins, it will be close and everyone should get a small treat!

Student Instructions

Scavenger Hunt

Directions:  Create a shared team folder on Google DRIVE.

Collect all items on the list and put them into the team folder.

READ CAREFULLY.  Winning team will have everything as specified.

*All media in the folder must be named appropriately. (ex:  “our selfie”,  NOT IMG7843.jpg)

*Everyone on the team must have added something to the folder.  (evidence = owner)


Learning Goal:  I can collect and organize digital media.

Habits of Work:  Be on task and everyone participates.  


1. Team Name - think up a name for your team.


2. Team Folder

Create a folder and name it with your TEAM’s name.

Add People --->The rest of your team.  You’ll have to figure out everyone’s email address


Use options (three dots) to ADD the folder to your Drive and then  MOVE to your digital literacy folder.  

Team folder MUST be in Digital Literacy folder for each member

3. Favorite Song

Use VOICE RECORDER or Garage Band

SING or TALK ABOUT your favorite song.   

Be creative.  You can make up a song!

SEND recording to your Team Google Drive Folder.

RENAME it so that the title accurately describes what the song is.

4.  Things in Common

Find TWO (2) things that are the SAME about everyone on your team.  _______________________________________________


Use any app you want to draw, write, or Photograph the 2 things in common in your Team Google Drive Folder.

Don’t forget to RENAME the file to something that describes what it is.

5.  Selfie

TAKE A SELFIE with your entire team and an adult, somewhere else in the building.       Make sure you ask the adult permission first!

     Quiet in the hallways!

Put the selfie in your Team Google Drive Folder.  

Don’t forget to RENAME the file.    

6.  Interview

Take a video of an interview with a staff member.

Find out something new about him or her.

Make sure to ask at least three follow up questions.

Ask for permission first

Introduce yourself and the staff member at the beginning.

Thank them and close the video with one nice comment about the interview.

Save to team folder and name the file appropriately.

7. Find these things

Be creative!  Each of the following photos must be in your team folder and named appropriately.  Use each team member at least once.

A team member and fan

A team member and a plant

A team member and Kermit the Frog

A team member with a skeleton

A team member with an inspirational poster

A team member with Michael Jackson

8.  Finish Line!

+ADD PEOPLE to your Team Google Drive Folder when done.  That will let us know you are done!

[teacher email address]