Lesson Plan

Race Cars

Engineering and designing processes of building (rubberband, mousetrap, etc) cars to protect 1 large egg after hitting a wall.

Students will understand multiple views of on object.

Students will discuss the pros and cons of their different designs.

Student will design a car on Google sketch up; in 3 different 2 D views.

Students will collaborate to develop  a final design.



Grades 6 – 8
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 What is the situation?

Activity: Assessing

Ask the student to quickly discuss what was covered the previous day. 


Student Instructions

Discuss with the person next to you what the problem you were given yesterday to research?

2 Time to decide

Have the students get into groups to design their cars.

After the students have gathered into their groups have them share their designs with each other.

Next have them decide on a final design. with a full list of materials they would need to complete the project.

Once a group has decided on a final design and has a list of material needed they will begin drawing 3, 2D views of their design (top, side, front)

Student Instructions

With the same person. discuss some of your design ideas? and why did you choose those designs? (pros and cons)

Now that you have discussed the pros and cons of all of your designs, You will need to decide on a final design to actually build.

Give a list of the materials needed and for what reason it is being used.

After you have been checked off on your design and material list you will each design one view of the design.


3 Exit out.

after the students have saved all of their work. Have them answer a few question on survey monkey before the end of class. 

Student Instructions

What do you think will be the most difficult thing about building your design?

Was their anything today that you did not understand or want a little more help with?

Can you think of any problems that may come up while building and/or testing your designs?

What do think will be the least difficult part of building your design?