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Quizizz Reading Comprehension/Point of View

Students read an article, chapter, or book and make a follow up quiz for classmates.
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Students will be able to apply the analytical skill of applying point of view to comprehend text. They will make an online quiz for their classmates.

English Language Arts
Grades 4
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1 Students read chapter or short story from high interest fiction or non-fiction text

Activity: Reading

This is an example since you could use almost any skill which the students use to analyze text.

Now that you have read Chapter _____ or the short story, ______, reflect on the point of view of one of the main characters. 

Student Instructions

Questions to consider: From which POV is the chapter written? If it is written in the third POV, how would the main character rewrite this chapter from his/her first person POV? How is this character feeling at this point?Why do you think h/she is feeling this way?


2 Make a list of questions about this chapter from the POV of the main character.

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Have students make a list/draft of questions from the chapter from the main character's POV. I recommend starting with a smaller amount of questions until the students get used to the format. The questions must have 4 multiple choice answers with only ONE being correct. No "yes or no" questions!

Side Note: This activity involves the Quizizz program. It is a must that you experiment with this tool and let the students take some quizzes so they and you are familiar with the program. There are multitudes of premade quizzes on the site.

Student Instructions

Make 5 questions about the chapter from the POV of the main character with four possible answers, only one can be correct.

Example: (Lina from City of Ember, chapter 12)

1. I was so busy delivering messages today because________.

a) There was an impending holiday.

b) People were running out of food.

c) The weather was too cold for people to venture from their house.

d) The blackouts were so frequent that people were afraid to walk to places they normally walk.

Correct Answer: D

3 Copy and paster questions into Quizizz

Make sure the teacher helps students to edit their questions before  entering into Quizizz. Students copy and paste their questions into Quizizz. Teacher helps to edit again. Students can then publish and let their classmates take their quiz!


Student Instructions

Log on with your Google Account. Copy and paste your questions and possible multiple choice answers into Quizizz. Check with teacher before you publish.

After you publish your quiz, have fun giving your quiz to classmates and taking others' quizzes. Show teacher your scores!