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Quill: A Free Language Usage Skill Builder!

Quill is a free tool that students and teachers can use to improve grammar and language usage skills.
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Students will be able to improve their grammar and language usage skills. 

Students will be able to practice and improve on specific grammatical skills and concepts.

English Language Arts
Grades K – 7
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1 Ten Minute Grammar Warm Up


Teachers could use the Quill lessons for quick warm ups or mini-lessons.  For this purpose, we can pretend that I am doing a warm up on common and proper nouns.  If my students have their own devices, they can access their accounts on Quill and view/complete the lesson I have assigned.  If students do not have their own devices, I could project the sentences and have students write the corrections on the board.  I've done similiar warm ups like this in my classroom, and even reluctant, shy students will volunteer to participate.  Quill offers many different lessons that can be tailored to students' specific needs.  

2 Post Warm-up

Activity: Assessing

After completing the warm-ups, teachers could give a quick, short quiz to assess students and gauge student understanding. For example, on Monday, my students could being the 1.1b. Use Common, Proper, and Possessive Nouns lesson. We would practice Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by completing the Quill lessons for 1.1b. on Thursday, we could review possessive nouns in preparation for a short quiz on Friday. In order to catch students who may be missing the concept, you could use exit slips Monday-Thursday to check in with students and provide them an opportunity to let you know that they need additional help or feel confident with the material.