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Queen Mab Style Guide

Students will be able to write a concise, descriptive guide stylizing Queen Mab in order to show their understanding of Mercutio's monologue.
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Students will be able to...

  • Break down Shakespearean language in order to show comprehension
  • Write in a concise way, identifying descriptors of Queen Mab in order to explain her appearance
  • Utilize technology as a presentation tool for Queen Mab Style Guide
English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Teacher will show Romeo + Juliet version of Mercutio's performance of the "Queen Mab Speech" from the film

The link provided will suffice, but it will be more beneficial to watch directly from the film.

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will share requirements and rubric for Queen Mab Style Guide (provided in "Student Instructions")

Teacher will share examples of Polyvore style guides using Pinterest

Student Instructions

Queen Mab Style Guide RAFT

Role – You are a team of two to four fashion designers and marketing specialists collaborating to create a style guide showcasing and explaining the stylings of the mythical creature, Queen Mab 

Audience – Your audience is anyone who may read a magazine (in other words, consumers seeking the “Queen Mab Look”)  

Format – Folded Style Card  

Topic – Your job is to sell Queen Mab’s look by giving us a detailed written description of what she looks like, what her job is, and what other accessories accompany her “look.” You’ll include 6 descriptive details about her and on the front cover of your Style Card, you’ll include a picture of her.  

You’ll be evaluated using the following “Description” Rubric (Rubric created using Standards Based Grading)

Descriptive Writing Rubric 

4 - The overall purpose is clear. Many vivid sensory details and apt comparisons help readers visualize a person, place, or event. All the details relate to the central focus and are appropriate to the audience. The writer creates a unique description that helps readers share the experience 

3 - The overall purpose is clear. Sensory details and comparisons help readers visualize a person, place, or event. Most details relate to the central focus and are appropriate to the audience. The writer creates a realistic description that readers can follow. 

2 - The overall purpose is not always clear. Some sensory details and comparisons are used, but more are needed. Extraneous details should be eliminated. The writer creates a description that tells about the experience rather than helps readers share it. 

1 - The overall purpose may be unclear or nonexistent. Few sensory details or comparisons are included. The description does not help readers visualize a person, place, or event 


3 Guided Practice

Teacher and students will open Romeo and Juliet by LoudReader app to Act I, Scene IV and review Mercutio's monologue (otherwise known as the "Queen Mab" speech 

Students will work in small groups to attempt to translate speech

4 Independent Practice

Students will use a graphic organizer to brainstorm ideas of what Queen Mab may have looked like, what she carried with her, what her carriage that carried her looked like, etc.  

Students will also create written descriptors for each visual  

Students will use Haiku Deck to put together a visual presentation with images and text describing their version of Queen Mab 

5 Wrap Up

Stick Pick

Students will present their Haiku Deck, Queen Mab Style Guides to the class. 

Volunteers will present first but when there are no more volunteers, students will be randomly selected using Stick Pick