Lesson Plan

Quadratic Equations

One day lesson plan on intro to quadratic equations.

Students will be able to solve quadratic equations by factoring

Grades 9 – 10
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

I will introduce the concept of quadratic equations and show them how they are connected to the linear equations they have already been working with. 

Student Instructions

Students will respond to questions and show an understanding of linear equations and how they relate and are different from quadratic equations. 

2 Instruction

$320 annual subscription per teacher

I will use a lesson plan that aligns with the common core standard for solving quadratic equations. 

3 Guided Practice

DragonBox EDU
Free to try, Paid

Introduce DragonBox EDU to students. 

Student Instructions

Students will use this tool to get used to the equations. It is like a game where students must balance equations on two sides of the equality sign. 

4 Independent Practice

Let students know to practice at home using Khan Academy

Student Instructions

This tool is great for online practice at home amongst students. Students will do their homework regarding quadratic equations on here. 

5 Wrap-Up

$320 annual subscription per teacher

Have students complete a "3-2-1 Summary" as described on Mathlicisious.

Student Instructions

Students will state three things they learned, two things they found most interesting, and one thing they still have a question on and bring the answers to class the next day.