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QR Code Greeting Card Collage for Mother's or Father's Day

What parent doesn't love the sound of their child's voice. Say "I love you!" with a QR code embedded with a student's greeting.
Karyn W.
Technology Integration Resource Coach
Orion Alternative School
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Students will be able to create a video and audio greeting using a song and a paragraph they have written as the script. As part of the creation process, they will use vacaroo.com or VoiceThread, youtube, qrstuff.com and/or QR Droid, and Google Drive.

English Language Arts
English-Language Learning
Grades 3 – 8
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1 The Hook - Get Them Singing!

Activity: Other — Singing

Gather students together and have them practice singing a song they already know. They could sing, "You Are My Sunshine," for example, if they are going to make a Mother's Day greeting.

Student Instructions

Practice singing the song with your group.

2 Let it Go - Record Them Singing

Free, Paid

The teacher uses the video feature of a cell phone or tablet to record the students singing the song they have practiced. Then save the video to a site like youtube so you can get a url for the stored video.

Student Instructions

Student should sing all together as a group.

3 Make it happen - create a QR Code of your video

Copy the url of your video and go to qrstuff.com to paste it in the Website URL content box. A QR code is automatically generated. This code can be read by a QR Reader app like QR Droid or any QR Reader installed on a cellphone, tablet, or chromebook. You can print out multiple images on one page (using the Output options located at the bottom of the website page). Distribute a copy of the code to each student to incorporate into a Mother's Day /Father's Day collage or note card.

Student Instructions

Incorporate your copy of the QR code (with the embedded video of the class singing) into a Mother's Day/Father's Day collage or greeting card.

4 A Voice is Worth A Thousand Words - Record it and Share it

Teachers will demonstrate how to take a writing and make it a script to be recorded using an on-line tool like vacaroo.com or an app like VoiceThread. Teachers will demonstrate how to save the recording. For example, with vacaroo.com, students record their voice, then save their recording either as a file or as a QR code. If they save it as a QR code, they can print it out and add it to their Mother's Day/Father's Day collage. They can share the code to Google Drive for future use.

Student Instructions

Write a letter, paragraph, narrative or other writing to share. For example, you can write a paragraph about memories you have of your mother from when you were young. Afterwards, you will record your voice with a recording tool like vacaroo.com or VoiceThread (iOS app). Save your recording as a QR code. Print the code and use it in your Mother's Day/Father's Day collage. Share the card with parents.