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Children will explore pumpkins.
Brandy H.
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Students will be able to...Identify a pumpkin and some physical characteristics of a pumpkin.

Health & Wellness
Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will bring in a variety of pumpkins and show them to the class.

Student Instructions

The children will explore the outside of the pumpkins and and talk in small groups about what they can see, feel, smell and hear.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

The Teacher will read a book, "Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins". The teacher will engage children in the book by asking them to compare and contrast the differences in the book with the pumpkins in the class.

Student Instructions

The students will listen to the story and  actively participate by discussing the information presented in the book.

3 Independent practice

Activity: Drawing

The teacher will provide plain paper, colored pencils, crayons, markers and paint for students to create a picture that represents pumpkins.

Student Instructions

The students will use the materials provided by the teacher to create a picture that represents a pumpkin.

4 Wrap up

Activity: Conversing

The teacher will ask the children to put their pumpkins on display and allow the children to walk around and look at the other's work. Once they have walk around the teacher will call them back to the carpet and ask them to explain what they saw and what they think about pumpkins.

Student Instructions

Students will walk around and look at other's work and discuss what they see.

5 Hook

The teacher will use the White board to display the video, "Pumpkins, Gourds & More!".

Student Instructions

Children will watch the video then discuss things they already knew, new information and things they still have questions about.

6 Independent Practice

The teacher will introduce the virtual pumpkin carving activity on the interactive white board and allow students to use the interactive white board to try their skills at pumpkin carving.

Student Instructions

The students will watch the teacher as she demonstrates how to use the interactive white board to virtually carve a pumpkin.  Then students will try to 'carve' their own pumpkins on the board.

As a follow up activity, the students may do this individually on their own laptop/computer.