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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Publishing an ABC book

Using Popplet and Book Creator app to create, publish, and share a classroom/grade level collaborative ABC book on a topic of study.
Tiffany J.
Technology coordinator
Mary H. Wright Elementary School
Spartanburg, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts

Students will be able to...

Use the popplet app to brainstorm, organize, and create their page for the class book.  

Write descriptive sentences explaining items included on their page.

Think creatively about items they can include on their popplet page.


English Language Arts
Grades K – 5
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1 Guided Practice

Students are already familiar with the Popplet app and different options, along with use of the iPad camera.  Students are also familiar with the use of Edmodo to recieve and turn in assignments once they have completed them.  Teacher will models and explains the requirements for the activity to the students.  Students will create a popplet about our school for their assigned letter of the alphabet.  They must include one photograph, a box with the  assigned letter both capital and lowercase, and a description to communicate items for their  assigned letterl. They must turn in the popplet to Edmodo.  Then using Book Creator, the teacher will compile the popplets in order, and record students reading their page in the book.