Lesson Plan

Public Art- Build a Blocks Structure using Fractions

Students utilize Sketchit and Formit Apps to build a playground structure who's size and dimension is determined by Fractions
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

Underand the vaue of Public Art

Use 5-6 basic elemets of the design App FromIt

Utilize fractions to create a 5 cube 3D structure that will be placed in a playground 

Documet their mathamatical work for calculating the fractions


Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Students watch the Nearpod presentaion about motivation and value of Public Art and Structures.

Log into Nearpod.com. Copy and paste this link below to access the Nearpod presentation. 


2 Direct Instruction & Guided Practice

Activity: Other — Autodesk FormIt App

Students will learn to do the following actions on the FormIt App by watching the teacher or using the Help menue in the App.  Actions include:

1) Make a cube  2) resize a cube  3) Make 2 copies of the cube 4) fine the area and volume of the cubes

5) Color the cubes 6) stack and fuse the cubes  7) Place the cubes in a location using google satalite view

3 Project

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students review the requirements of the Blocks Sculpture project and work in pairs or independently complete the project using FormIt App and uplaod to the google drive folder.


4 Extend & Wrap up

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students add their data (Cube size and Fraction comparison) to a shared spread sheet. Share their projects and discuss the scale and function of the sturcture in relationship to the location, and children in the playground.