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Properties of Minerals

Five Properties of Minerals
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Explain why color is often not useful property in identifying minerals .

Define the terms luster, crystal form, streak, and Mohs scale.

Distinguish between cleavage and fracture. 

Explain density and how it can be used to identify substances. 

Describe some other properties that can be used to identify minerals. 

Grades 10
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1 Build Vocabulary: Paraphase

Activity: Exploring

1) Have students look for the vocabulary terms that describe properties of minerals as they read the section. Have students write definitions for each term in their own words. 

2) Explain to students the reasons why the streak color of a mineral may be different from the color of the mineral itself. Have students research how streak can be used to distinguish gold from iron pyrite. 

Have students use the Mohs scale to give ranges for a mineral that can be scratched by your fingernail, a mineral that cannot scratch glass, and a mineral that can scratch glass. 

Student Instructions

Group 1 guided (Teacher- Directed):: high level students .Students  write definitions for each term in their own words with minimal prompting. 

Group 2 guided (Teacher-Directed): low level students. Students write definitions for each term in their own word with maximum prompting.