Lesson Plan

Problem-Solving Using Linear Equations

Word problems and variables

Students will be able to...solve word problems by creating and manipulating linear equations to find values for variables.

Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook/Attention-Getter

Activity: Investigating

Teacher will grab student attention by posing a  word problem to the class. (Such as how many chickens and goats does a farmer have if he/she has 8 animals and can see 8 heads and 30 feet). Students will be instructed to form small groups and discuss the question, and come up with possible solutions to the problem. The students will then share their answers and how they came to find that answer with the class.

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will give basic instruction on how to develop equations based on a word problem, then walk through how to solve it. Instructor will then encourage students to explore tutorials on LearnZillion website to further develop algebra skills and understand basics.

3 Guided Practice


Instructor will use this website for more tutorials and practice. Guided practice can be done by students individually or as a class (or a combination of both), and discussion of problems should be conducted to gauge concept attainment.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Instructor will encourage students to create their own word problem, and work out the solution. Students will then form groups or pairs and share the problem they created, quizzing one another and helping their peers to practice with a variety of problems and solutions.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will clarify any questions students may have on the topic,  walk through a few more problems step by step if necessary, and encourage more practice using tools previously introduced in class or other resources.