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Privacy Policies

This is an activity towards the end of our unit entitled "Our Online Lives Like a Tattoo". The focus of the unit is on the permanence of the things we post online and the possible consequences of being irresponsible online.
Jenna V.
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Students will be able to...

  • read privacy policies closely to identify the information social media sites collect and how they use this information.
  • create a presentation using Google Drive 
English Language Arts
Grades 8 – 10
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1 Classroom Flipping

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students are expected to come to class having read the  Newsbound Stacks posted to the class Edmodo page explaining what privacy policies are and some of the controversies over privacy policies. Below are the links to the stacks: 




2 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Within small groups, students are to share one thing that they learned about privacy policies and/or one thing that surprised them. 

Once students are finished discussing, I randomly choose a person from each table to share their comment with the class.

3 Direct Instruction

Activity: Other — Teacher Instructions

This step takes the rest of the class period and is modified from Common Sense Media's Lesson, What's the Big Deal About Privacy?:


Each group is assigned a different privacy policy of a popular social media site: Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, etc. The group is to read the assigned Privacy Policy and answer the following: 

  1. What information does the company collect about its users?
  2. Are cookies used?
  3. How is user information that is collected used?
  4. Can the company make changes to its privacy policy?
  5. When was the company’s privacy policy last updated or created?
  6. Is the information collected shared with third parties?
  7. What information can other users see?
  8. Provide any other shocking or important information other users should know.
  9. What implications does this have for users?

4 Introducing Google Presentations

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Using school Chromebooks, students are instructed to sign in to their school Google accounts. Each group leader is to create a presentation on Google Drive entitled "5 Things You Should Know About (title of assigned Social Media Site) and share the presentation with their group members.

Together, the group is to determine the 5 most important things their peers need to know about the social media site they were assigned to. Each group member is expected to complete at least one slide and include their name on the lower left-hand corner of the slide they created. 

5 Present

Activity: Presenting

Students give their presentations to the class. Each student is expected to speak and present their own slide. 

After presentations, the class discusses things that surprised them about these sites and how they may change their online activities based on this new information.