Lesson Plan

Primary Colors

Students will refresh their memories in primary colors and what other colors they make.

Students will be able to...

1. Create Artwork

2. Express Themselves.

3. Learn how to be creative.

4. Think on their toes.

Grades Pre-K – 12
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1 Hook

Intro to Colors is a great way to introduce colors as well as refresh students memories of colors they have previously learned. I would allow them to use this app to do a search and find of different colors around the classroom.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

At this moment we would take a break from technology and students will just listen to me give verbal instructions while they are watching me demonstrate the importance of primary colors.  The only colors that make up all the other colors are red, yellow and blue.

3 Guided Practice

I would mention a color such as yellow.  I would ask students to create a small swatch of each color that would make yellow.  I would also have them create these colors side by side so they do not overlap.

4 Independent Practice

In this step students get a chance to explore their creativity.  Children pick their favorite primary color and draw as many pictures that they could think of that are the color they choose.

5 Wrap Up

Students explore the MoMA app to get an experience of the famous Museum of Modern Art without having to go to New York City.  Students have created amazing art work and now to wrap it up we give them a look at a real museum of art and encourage that if they love art, they could one day be in a museum of famous art.