Lesson Plan

Presidents of the United States

This App Flow will show students different aspects and information related to the President of the United States.

Students will be able to...

Correctly identify specific Presidents and understand the process of electing the President.

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook: Presidents vs. Aliens

While this game is silly, it can add a fun atmosphere to the classroom as well as have the students recall prior information they have learned about the Presidents.

2 Direct Instruction: Who are the Presidents?

Here the students will view select passages from the E-text.

3 Guided Practice: Check Them Out!

The students will use this app to locate up to date information on the Presidents they were instructed to research.

4 Individual Practice: See What You Know!

Free, Paid

Here students will show their knowledge of the material.

5 Wrap Up: How Would You Do?

For the homework students will access the "Win the White House" game and see how far they can get.