Lesson Plan

Presidents Day Biographies

Students will using digital tool to research presidents, and give biographical information about the presidents.
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Students will be able to...

use digital tools to research presidents.

write biographical information about presidents.

use speaking skills to describe the presidents.

use video editing tools.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Show Picture of all American presidents with their terms of service (poster or projected). How many of the presidents do already know about? Are there any that you have never heard of? Why do you think some are better known than others. Let's pick one that you have heard about, and one that you don't know much about and research some facts about them. Students will use American Presidents for iPad to search for presidents and find basic information. 

Now pick one president to be the main focus of your research and start collecting information about him.

2 Direct Instruction

Choose one president that nobody from the class will be researching. Use this president as the model. Show Time for Kids as an example of how to write a biography. Explain that their writing for this project should be formatted in a similar way. Demonstrate how to organize writing research before writing. Time for Kids has a biography sample paper and a biography organizer. http://www.timeforkids.com/homework-helper/a-plus-papers/biography


3 Guided Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Studets will type their biographies in a google doc. Students should proofread their writing, and check it against the writing rubric.

After proofreading, students should share with a partner for editing. Peers should make comments on the doc to help in the editing process. 

Finally, share with the teacher for further comments, and revise thier work if needed.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will download a picture of his/her president into YakIt (iPad app) and create the moving mouth. In Yakit, students will record the written biography of their president. Students will listen to their recordings and then summarize their research to one minute. Students will make a second recording of the summarized research. Export the summarized yakit video and upload it to a shared google folder.

5 Wrap-Up

Free, Free to Try, Paid

Students will use the movie editing tools in WeVideo to compile the indivdual president biographies into one class movie. Students will then watch the class movie and take notes on each of the presidents. Students will also describe what made some presidents great and what can be improved for future presentations.