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President Research

Research Presidents and Make a Chatterpix Kids Project to Demonstrate Understanding
Lisa T.
Classroom teacher
Parkview Elementary School
Valparaiso, United States
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My Grades 2
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will pick a president, research him, and use Chatterpix Kids to share what they learned from the president's point of view.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 2
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1 President Research on Canvas

Activity: Investigating

We created an assignment on Canvas with a website link for the students to use for research.



Student Instructions

Go onto Canvas and click on the link to research your president.  Fill in your details in the organizer.

2 Chatterpix Kids App

Activity: Creating

I-pads need to be used.  Make sure Chatterpix Kids is installed on them.

Student Instructions

Use Chatterpix Kids to create a 30 second video (voice only) of your president telling about himself.

3 Share on Padlet

Create a blank padlet where students can post their projects.

Student Instructions

Access the padlet using the QR code on i-pads.  Upload your Chatterpix project to the padlet.  Add a title and your first name only.