Lesson Plan


Six Roles of the President

 Students will be able to identify and differentiate between the six different roles of the president.

Students will be able to analyze a presidential daily agenda and utilize key word identification to distinguish the role being practiced.

Students will be able to explain the constitutional principles of the US Constitution as they pertain to the presidency.

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Hook

Activity: Assessing

The instructor will post a pretest on the board for the students to complete in their notebooks.

1. How many roles do you think the President of the United States has?

2. Name a role of the president, if you can.

3. List three activities/examples of what the president can do.

The instructor will generate a small discussion after the students complete the test. The instructor will also generate a list of examples that the students came up with on the board, to refer back to later in the lesson.

Student Instructions

Complete the pretest on the board in your bellringer notebook.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

The instructor will present the attached PowerPoint on the roles of the president and lecture about the content.

Student Instructions

Students will fill out the attached blank note handout while following along with the lecture.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating

The instructor will pull up Harry S. Truman's presidential agenda from June 29, 1950 on the board and distribute the handouts to the students. As a class, the instructor will go through the first two points of the agenda and discuss what key words help distinguish the presidential role being filled.

Student Instructions

Students will look at the agenda and analyze key words, phrases, titles, and places to distinguish which role Truman is fulfilling.

4 Independent Practice

The instructor will divide the students into small groups to complete the remainder of the agenda. Students will identify the roles being practiced based on key words and concepts. The instructor will walk around the room to make sure groups are on task and successful.

After the assignment, the instructor will provide the students with access to the game Executive Command to experience the role of a President for four years. The instructor will ask the students to write down three actions from the game and which role they fulfill.

Student Instructions

Students will complete the agenda worksheet in small groups with one example for each role from the agenda. After completion, students will start a game of Executive Command to experience presidential roles of the Executive Branch. Students will identify three examples from the game that fulfill three different roles we discussed in class.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Other — Exit Ticket

The instructor will provide the students with a notecard to answer the exit ticket question on. The instructor will put the following on the board:

In one to two sentences, identify which presidential role you think is the most important and why.

The instructor will collect the exit slips as the students leave class.

Student Instructions

Students will answer the following on their notecard as an exit ticket:

In one to two sentences, identify which presidential role you think is the most important and why.

Students will turn these notecards in prior to leaving class.