Lesson Plan

Presenting STEM for the Future

Students research, develop and present to class opportunities for STEM careers.
Jason J.
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Students will be able to research options and outlook for STEM careers in the future using a variety of research, technology, and presentation tools. The students will then create a presentation and discuss findings with classmates.

Correlates to WV CSOs:

  • 21C.S.5-8.1 Standard 1: Information and Communication Skills
  • 21C.S.5-8.2 Standard 2: Thinking and Reasoning Skills
English Language Arts
reading comprehension
text analysis
using supporting evidence
Social Studies
the economy
Grades 5 – 8
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1 Introduction

This lesson starts with a discussion on STEM. By activatiing prior knowledge of what STEM respresents, students brainstorm the basics of what jobs are available. We discuss the parameters for the assignment and then I show a video from TED on how to make an effective presentation when technical information is being presented and remind students of a previous TED video we viewed on children teaching adults.

Video also available from: https://www.ted.com/talks/melissa_marshall_talk_nerdy_to_me

20 minutes

2 Direct Instruction

Free, Paid

The students are reminded of the class website mrjasonjackson.org that provides information for each assignment and a rubric for the presentation. Students are released into pairs to begin researching potential careers in STEM using laptops and web research. During this time, I circulate throughout the room checking for understanding and assisting students with valid information. 

During this phase, I break into the students' independent time and model acceptable citation tools and where to find images from Creative Commons. 


  • 21C.O.5-8.3.TT.2
  • 21C.O.5-8.3.TT.5

25 minutes

3 Guided Practice

Google Drive
Free, Paid
Free, Paid

As students accumulate information on STEM careers, they record their data in a document of their choice (Google Drive, Office 365, or Microsoft Word) or a bookmarking site. Students are guided to record the following:

  • Website URL
  • Job description
  • Income potential
  • Images relatining to position
  • Education requirements

Using Prezi, I model a presentation development including graphics, information, bibliography, and content. Students are permitted to use any presentation tool, but bullets are to be avoided in the presentation.

45 minutes

4 Independent Practice

Prezi Classic
Free, Free to try, Paid
Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students create, develop, edit, rehearse presentations using the tool of their choice (I prefer they choose non-standard applications). Refering to the rubric for the assignment, they need to include all components for three STEM careers and practice presentation. I check for understanding during informal questioning thoughout the session. Students are assessed using rubric and receive feedback from peers via Google Form submssions during presentations.

45 minutes x 2-3 days

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Conversing

After all presentations are complete, students switch partners and discuss findings and presentation outcomes. After exchanging ideas with every pair, they rejoin original partner and think/pair/share with the class focusing on the following components:

  • Presentation styles
  • Career options
  • Time spent on rehearsal vs. time in presentation "mode"
  • Why is effective communication difficult? Examples!
  • Weaknesses vs. strengths during presentations

45 minutes