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Preparing Students for PARCC with Edmodo

Reading Informational Texts
Billy K.
Classroom teacher
Beatrice Gilmore Elementary School (West Paterson, NJ)
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Students will be able to read and understand informaiton text while preparing for PARCC assessments. Using the Edmodo Quiz feature and a free website called ReadWorks.org you can create online assessments for your students.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Prior Setup

 Go to ReadWorks.org and find a reading passage that is right for your classroom.  Print out your reading passage and save the reading passage as a PDF.  Make sure you only save the actual reading passage and not the whole document. 


2 Creating the Lesson

Once you have your reading passage go onto Edmodo and upload the reading passage to your Edmodo library.  Then click on the create a quiz feature on Edmodo.  Then you need to retype all of your multiple choice questions from the reading passage or feel free to create your own questions.  You can also create your own opened ended questions or use the opened ended questions provide by ReadWorks.org.  Make sure you add the reading passage to each quiz question.  Once you are done with typing in all the questions preview your quiz and set a time limit for your students.


3 Independent Practice

When students come to class have them log into Edmodo and take the quiz.  Students will have to go back and forth between two internet windows in order to read the passage and answer the questions.  This is an important skill for students to have to be able to manipulative multiple windows.