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Pre-lesson Discussion, Intellectual Property

Introduce students to Intellectual Property
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Students will be able to... Recognize and understand plagiarism and intellectual property online

Grades 7 – 9
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1 Introduction

Ask students to perform a google search for the following terms:

Intellectual Property 


Copyright Infringement

Ask students to view the 'news' tab on Google and select a story they find interesting.  

Ask students to discuss their story with a classmate.

Student Instructions

Students should find a story they find particularly interesting.  Options should include music, movies, books, video games, and technology.  They should read the article they find and be prepared to discuss their opinions. 

2 Think Pair Share

Activity: Debating

Students should work to answer and grapple with the following questions:

Do you agree that that there was some sort of theft or misuse in your story?

Can you understand the perspective of the offending and offended parties in the story?

How would you feel if someone used your work to make money?

Students should then discuss their answers and opinions with a partner.  After 5-7 minutes, each group should share with the class.

3 Wrap-up Discussion

Use this discussion as an introduction to the Desmos Drawing project.  As a long term project, students will select an image, and recreate it using mathematical functions.  Students should consider the implications of using work that is not their own. 

As a class, discuss how and why it is important that students complete their own work, and discuss ways in which we can ensure students do their own work.