Lesson Plan

Potato Investigation

Students will develop a potato experiment and then publish their findings in a blog post.

I can create an experiment that can be tested scientifically.

I can create a blog post that can be accessed by the public.

I can use the scientific method to conduct my experiment.

I can use constructive feedback to elevate the writing in my blog post.

Grades 4 – 6
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1 Engage

Activity: Other — Observing

The teacher will ask his/her students to close their eyes until he/she tells them to open them.  The teacher will place an old potato (with sprouts) in front of each group of students (1 per every 2-4 students).  When he/she tells them to open their eyes, he/she will let the students discuss what they observe without saying anything.

2 Explore

Free, Free to try, Paid

The teacher will ask the students to come up with as many questions they can think of regarding their potato.  They need to create a list together in their teams and then share their lists with the other teams using the website Padlet.

3 Explain

Activity: Other — Lecture & Discussion

The teacher will explain the steps associated with the scientific method and provide examples of effective questions and hypotheses to get students started on their experiments.

4 Elaborate

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher will ask the students to choose in their groups one question that they will use as the basis of their experiment.  Then, they will come up with a reasonable hypothesis for their experiment.  Once they have created their question and hypothesis, the students must work as a group to carry out the experiment and record their observations and findings on a shared Google doc.

5 Evaluation

The teacher will ask the students to create a blog post on Blogger.com that explains their experiment (each part of the scientific method) and their findings.  This blog post needs to be shared with the class and their families for constructive feedback.  Once posted, the teacher will grade the experiment for how well it followed and implemented the scientific method.  He/she will instruct the students to review the feedback posted and, when and where necessary, make changes or additions to their content.