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Portfolio and Blogs ... Learning How to Comment

Students will learn what makes a good comment and how to write their own!
Leah K.
McKinley Elementary School
Burlingame, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to create meaningful comments on their classmates portfolios and eventually on their classroom blog. 

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 5
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1 Hook

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Teacher will ask students if they have shared something with their friend that they are very proud of, something they're extremely excited about, only to have their friend make a comment that made them feel bad about sharing. 

If no one shares, teacher can share a story about an experience they've had. 

Teacher will ask students to share an experience they've had when they've shared something with a friend and the friend said something nice and encouraging back to them. 

Discussion will ensue. 

Teacher will explain that the way people comment on ideas and experiences have a big impact on how people feel. We always want our friends to make us feel good about what we are proud of so we want to make sure we make our friends feel that way too when they share with us! 

Teacher will explain that they way we share and comment during a conversation with a friend is the same way we should share and comment online. 

Teacher will then show Youtube video from Mrs. Yollis' class about How to Write a Quality Comment.  Teacher will ask students to take notes of the tips shared in the video.

Student Instructions

Students will share experiences about interactions with friends who have made comments that have made them feel and also good. 

Students will watch YouTube video and take notes about the tips shared.

2 Steps to Writing a Quality Comment

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will ask students to practice writing quality comments.

First, students will take out a piece of writing that was done previously to lesson and place it on their desk. 

Teacher will pass out sticky notes. Students will be asked to go around to three people's desks and read their piece of writing. They will then write a quality comment, following the 5 tips from the video , and place the sticky note next to the paper. 

Student Instructions

Students will use sticky notes to write quality comments using the 5 tips from the YouTube video. They will write three comments total, one for each paper they read. 

3 Debrief/Reflect on Comments

Activity: Conversing

Teacher will ask students to go back to their desks and and review the sticky note comments left by their paper. 

Teacher will ask for volunteers to share how the comments followed the 5 tips for creating a quality comment. 

Teacher will ask if there were comments that did not follow the tips and how they could be modified to do so. 

Student Instructions

Students will read the comments left at their desk. They will share how they followed the 5 tips for creating a quality comment. 

Students will help modify comments that may not be following the 5 tips. 

4 Applying Comments to Digital Portfolios

Teacher will share Seesaw portfolios/class blog with the students and explain that the work they have been collecting will now be able to be shared with the class. 

Teacher will ask the students to explore the blog and find at least two pieces of work to leave quality comments on. 


Student Instructions

Students will log onto their Seesaw blog and find two pieces of work from their classmates to leave quality comments on. 

5 Reflection/Sharing Knowledge

Teacher will review comments left by students and share anonymously comments that are good examples of quality comments. 

Teacher will ask students to go home and share with an adult their Seesaw blog and explain to them how to leave a quality comment. If possible, students will have an adult at home leave a quality comment on their class blog. 

Student Instructions

Students will go home and share with an adult what it means to leave a quality comment on a blog post. If possible, students will help leave a quality comment on their class blog.