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Population Issues

This lesson allowed my students to compare and contrast population issues in different countries.They also learnt how to be engaged in an online discussion to defend their positions and set alternative plans to address some population problems.
Mohamed O.
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Daharan Ahliyya Schools
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My Grades 7, 8, 9, 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

1. Compare and contrast different population issues.

 2. Take a position and defend it.

 3. Create different plans for different issues.

Social Studies
Grades 8
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1 Lesson Plan

Brainstorming Activity:

Students started the class by answering the question of the day: What are the different population issues all over the world? Some suggestions were listed on the board. This task was done in 3 minutes.


While activity:

I gave my students four countries from four different continents. These countries were Singapore from Asia, Morocco from Africa, Portugal from Europe, and Mexico from North America.


I asked my students to use “Gapminder” to find out the different population issues in these countries and how these issues have affected living conditions therein. “Gapminder” helped my students be more focused and integrated in the activity as it gave them accurate and live information. This tool, Gapminder, encouraged students learn more accurately and derive different kinds of information in a shorter period of time. Students had to compare and contrast population data in these four countries and then decide which country is the best to live in and which one is the worst to live in. Students took 15 minutes to finish the assigned task.


Students were asked to use Edmodo to share their information and defend their decisions with the sake of convincing their mates of their choices. So it is an online discussion. Edmodo was a good tool for my students to lead an online discussion which they liked the most. In this activity students used all their debating skills in order to convince others. Edmodo helped my students share quick and obvious information.

After my students finished their discussion, which lasted about five minutes, they used the survey option on Edmodo to make a class choice of the best country to live in and the worst one to live in.


Later on, all students created a well-built plan that involve different measures how to keep the best population trends up and how to solve the different social problems therein.  This activity lasted for seven minutes. Students need to use Edmodo to submit their answers to the teacher to receive accurate feedback the session after.


Exit Ticket:

Students sat for a short formative assessment to check their understanding to the effects of population issues on the social and economic living conditions in any selected region. This assessment was done through an excellent tool which is “Formative”. This tool helped the teacher and students receive immediate results and allowed me as a teacher to derive accurate data about the learning achievement of my students.  This quiz lasted for 10 minutes.