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Politics Today

Bias, fear, and everything else that drives politics today.
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Students will be able to...

  • Actively research
  • Collaborate with teacher and classmates
  • Create and design (technology option available)
  • Present realistic and important ideas
  • Articulate ideas and political views


Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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The teacher will begin an informal discussion about current day politics using the following questions:

  1. Has anyone been watching the presidential campaign  on the news? 
  2. What are the debates like?
  3. How is this race different from presidential races in the past?
  4. Do you see yourself perusing a career in politics?  If so, would you run your campaign like what you've see in this election?

The teacher will instruct the students to take notes and show the first five minutes of the TED video Mr. Rothkopf and his unbiased view of common fears in US politics today.



Student Instructions

The students will engage in answering the questions with each other and the teacher.

They will watch the video, and take notes to help them understand what drives fear in politics today.


Activity: Assessing

The teacher will already have a speech, poster and/or video prepared to model what the assignment should look like.

The teacher will begin by explaining the assignment in detail:

  • Pick a political candidate (current, past, or fictional).
  • Write a speech or create a commercial for your candidate.
  • If you choose to write a speech, you must give the speech as if you are the candidate.
  • Create a political poster or campaign sign to present during speech or while showing the commercial.
  • Create a catchy slogan or hash tag to promote their campaign.
  • The students may work in pairs (running mates) in groups no larger than two. 

The teacher will give their own prepared speech or present their own video as a model for what the students should do.

Student Instructions

The students will brainstorm ideas with their partners or on their own.  They will pick their candidate, and decide if they will create a political commercial or make a speech. 



Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher will allow the students to begin investigating their political views and how they will present their candidate. 

The teacher will directly interact with each group and individual students to make sure they understand the assignment and are on task and working on appropriate materials.

Student Instructions

The students will begin researching their candidate (if they chose an actual person)

If a student is creating their own candidate, or promoting them self, they will research what political stands would be necessary to take to generate interest from the public.

While their candidate can be anyone they want, the issues must be real. 

Students with a running mate, can use Google Docs/Google Drive for collaborative purposes.


Free to try, Paid

The teacher will supply the students with the necessary items to create.

  • iPad or other camera
  • Video editing program (iMovie, PhotoBooth)
  • Poster board
  • Markers/colored pencils

The teacher will provide support on how to use the editing application and all other technology.

Student Instructions

The students will begin creating their video and/or writing their speech.

All students will need to create their political campaign sign to present during their speech or during their video.

The students should also create a slogan or hash tag to help gather publicity and promote their campaign. 


Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher will create a rubric that would measure the following criteria:

  • Student creates a poster/sign promoting their campaign.
  • Student creates a slogan/hash tag promoting their campaign.
  • VIDEO:  The student's candidate provides a clear stance on their politics and views.
  • SPEECH:  The student's candidate conveys a clear message on their political views and stances.
  • The student's candidate has relevant and crucial information to support their political platform.
Student Instructions

The student's will present however the teacher allows them:  Volunteer, lottery, or drafting.

VIDEO:  If the students created a video, they will give a brief overview of their candidate and what the video is to accomplish.  The poster/campaign sign is on display before and during the video.

Videos should be uploaded and shared with the teacher via Google Drive.

SPEECH:  The student can stand up and be in full character as they approach the podium (waving, smiling, thumbs up etc.) and present their speech as if they are the candidate.  The poster/campaign sign is on display before and during the speech.

Typed speech should be shared with the teacher via Google Drive.