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Get students comfortable using point-slope linear equations
Gary B.
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Lincoln Secondary
Esko, United States
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My Grades 8, 9, 10, 11
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Students will be able to...write an equation in Point-Slope form given a point and a slope,  or just given two points. Students will be able to graph equations in point-slope form. Students will be able to write an equation in Point-Slope form given a graph of a line.  Students will be able to rewrite a point-slope form equation into slope intercept form.


Grades 8 – 9
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1 Point-Slope

Activity: Creating

Write two points on the white board.

Student Instructions

Write an equation that goes through these two points in Point-Slope form.

2 Graphing

Activity: Drawing

Review the technique for graphing point-slope form.

Student Instructions

Graph your equation.