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Poetry Palooza

Create a podcast, iMovie, or other project to analyze and interpret a poem.
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In this activity the learner will create a podcast, iMovie, or other project in order to analyze and interpret a poem. Learners will work in groups of four and each person in the group will have a specific role and assignment to contribute to the final project.

English Language Arts
text analysis
Grades 8 – 12
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1 Project Plan

Prior to the activity, the teacher would review the choice board (attached below) to determine possible activities that learners could choose from to explore, gain understanding from, and interpret poetry.

Learners will review various poems the night before the activity starts. Possible sites include  www.poets/org/page.php.prmID/86, http://www.teenink.com/poetry/, and www.famouspoetsandpoems.com. Apps available from the App store include the POETRY from the Poetry Foundation, Poets.org, Poetry 180, and Poems by Heart from Penguin Classics.

Learners will choose their favorite poem and bring it to class on the day of the activity to share with others.

Step 1 - Review and revisit the genre of poetry.

Extended activity for step one: The learner will read one preassigned poem from each of the following poetry types: narrative, dramatic, and free verse from the following iBook “The World’s Best Poetry, Volume 4.”  The learner will answer the following questions: (1) Who is the speaker of the poem? (2) What is the poem about? and (3) Would you recommend to someone else? Why or Why Not? The learner will insert the answers to these questions on a sticky note in the book and submit it to the teacher via email.

Step 2 - Analyze and interpret examples of the poetry of Maya Angelou as a whole class discussion.

Step 3 - Review choice board options with the learners.

Step 4 - Learners will self select groups based on their choice from the choice board. Learners will do this through first choosing their option from the choice board in writing on an index card and then joining a group based on their choice of project.

Step 5 - Learners will choose their role within their group. Roles include artist, musician, writer, and researcher.

Step 6 - Learners will create a project designed based on options from the choice board.

Step 7 - Learners will collaborate for a minimum of two class periods to create and develop their project.

Step 8 - Learners will share their final project in class.

2 Tools

Activity: Creating

Students will create a podcast, iMovie, or similar project.

Choice Board

Possible tools needed (depending upon learner project choice) include:

  • Digital Camera
  • Camcorder
  • GarageBand
  • iMovie
  • Other resources as identified by the learner

3 Poetry Choice Board Projects

Activity: Presenting