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Poetry Illustrators and Investigators

Students seek to use clever ways in which to represent Shel Silverstein poetry using KidPix
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Students will be able to create clever representation / illustration of Shel Silverstein"s poetry.  Attending to the details of the poem, students will add sufficient detail to their blackline illustration so that another student will be able to match the illustration with the text of the poem. 

English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Engagement - Video Poems for Deconstruction

Using an Internet connected LCD projector, share 2 or 3 of  the YouTube videos of Shel Silverstein's poems.   Guide students to notice the clever details of the illustrations and how these details match the words of text of the story.  Also note that the illustrations are all created with simple black curvy and straight lines.  

2 Illustrations with KidPIx

Prepare copies of enough Shel Silvertein poems, enough for each student in class.  

lUsing KidPix, Doodle Buddy (iPad), or another simple drawing program, student draw a black line illustration for the poem that has been given to them.   Students are instructed to not add the title or their name to their work.  

Once the students have each completed their illustration (appox. 25 minutes), students return their poem papers to the teacher.  The teacher then hands the poems back out, making an attempt to avoid giving poems to students who used them in the previous step.  

Upon the teachers direction student study the poem that has been given to them and attempts to find the matching illustration created by one of his or her classmates has created.