Lesson Plan

poetry fun

Poetry in a presentable and fun way!

Students will be able to understand, appreciate, and demonstrate poetry skills and knowledge.

English Language Arts
Grades 7 – 8
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1 Hook

This introduces students to basic poetry and allows them to put it in their hands and mark it up (printable sheets) so they can find meaning and patterns. It also taps into prior knowledge by exposing them to images as well as poems that they have likely heard or seen before.

2 Direct Instruction

This allows students to be exposed to poetry of different types. They range from mood, structure, meaning, and focus. By allowing students to see the range of poetry and how it varies, it shows them that it is not as intimidating as previously thought. It shows them that poetry is accessible and that meaning can be attributed in more than one way.


The Lensoo Create will essentially assist me in educating or reminding students of basic poetic devices (personification, rhyme, etc) so that they may create their own.


3 Guided Practice

Writing prompts will assist me in getting an idea down on the paper. I will let students choose their own prompt and I will ask that they choose one poetic device to utilize in building up their "poem" or creative prose.

StoryLines will also assist in pulling more inspiration into the unit. The most difficulty that people have with writing is that they feel as if they have nothing to write about. These apps solve that problem and allow students to build off of what they know and morph their knowledge into what they can do.  In this way, they are practicing what they are learning.

4 Independent Practice

This app allows students to illustrate their poetic work (practiced above). This will build up meaning and make the process more memorable for them. By giving the students another chance to enter in the work they did above but in a more story-like format, they can present their works to the class as a final project or even a poetic unit assesment. In general, the idea is that students develop a deeper appreciation for the creation of poetry and understand that it is often the foundation for larger works, such as stories.

5 Wrap up

This is something I would ask students to do as homeowrk. I want them to explore other works by students around their age and from people living everyday lives. This app and website also allows students to add in their own work and get criticism as well as let their voices be heard. I think it is a good exploratory acticity and I believe it will deepen their understanding and applicability of poetry in their lives and in their studies. I want them to see poetry as an outlet to other adventures and an easy way to get their pen to the paper and express themselves. By seeing others their same age doing the same, the point should be made!