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Poetry analysis with informational text reference

Students will be able to determine the meaning of "O Captain! My Captain!" after reading Lincoln's assassination newspaper article.
Teresa D.
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My Grades 12
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Students will be introduced to the poem “O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman. 

Students will be familiar with more than one interpretation of a poem

Students will have one literary text from the 19th century to reference.

Students will be able to interpret the poem based on an informational text reference.

Students will be able to share their interpretation and ideas as a collaborative group.

English Language Arts
Grades 12
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1 Bell ringer will tie into the lesson with the students using classroom dictionaries to define a key word in the poem: exulting

Studnets will define the word exulting using either a classroom dictionary or an online resource or app. 

2 Read the poem aloud

Activity: Reading

Teacher will read "O Captain! My Captain!" aloud to the students.