Lesson Plan


Focus Lesson on Couples Poetry

Students will be able to identify a couples style poem and create one. 

English Language Arts
Grades 7
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Read Dr. Seuss book with examples of couplets. Helps students become intrigued by poetry and the silliness of the subject.

2 Direct Instruction

Shel Silverstein is an incredibly famous and fun poet that students really enjoy. This site is very straight forward and will allow students to see some examples of poems.

3 Guided Practice

Class will create a poem together in both Haiku style and couple style on Word Mover. This product is a virtual chalk board with a helpful and fun word bank to help students create an initial poem with the entire class. This will help students see how to create their own.

4 Wrap Up

For homework, students can use VoiceThread to create a class poetry jam. Have students create slides for their poems. Students should begin by uploading an image (photo or original art) related to their poem. Then, they should add their poems (via text or doodle). Finally, ask students to record themselves reading their poems. This slideshow of students’ poems can be shared easily with families or showcased at a parent engagement night.