Lesson Plan


Short lesson about haikus and couplets.

Students will create a poem in either Haiku or elongated Couplet style 90% correctly during the poetry segment in English class.

English Language Arts
Grades 6
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Read Dr. Seuss book with examples of couplets. Helps students become intrigued by poetry and the silliness of the subject.

2 Direct Instruction

Shel Silverstein is an incredibly famous and fun poet that students really enjoy. This site is very straight forward and will allow students to *see* some examples of poems.

3 Guided Practice

Class will create a poem together in both Haiku style and couple style on Word Mover. This product is a virtual chalk board with a helpful and fun word bank to help students create an initial poem with the entire class. This will help students see how to create their own (see below).

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will create poems in class in either Haiku style or couples and hang along classroom walls. With the help of the instructor, students should be able to apply the concepts learned during the instruction section of the app flow. During this section, ensure that teacher helps students who seem to be having a hard time coming up with ideas and/or have poem starters available on board. In order to receive points/show mastery, students must turn in their work and have completed the poems correctly in the form they've chosen.

5 Wrap-Up

This is an extension activity for students who've enjoyed the poetry segment. Although it is not necessary for student to complete, they can follow this blog and/or post their own poetry. This allows students to really be proud of the work they've created in a space designed for teen poets!