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Students will be able to create their own audio poem complete with suitable sound-effects
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Students will be able to...record 'The Sound Collector', download sound-effects, organise media in a recording studio to create an audio poem.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 6
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1 Recording 'The Sound Collector'

Activity: Creating

Show children the video from YouTube of the famous poem by Roger McGough 'The Sound Collector'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyA-VmmlWmw

Make sure the children become familiar with the poem. You may wish to have a copy on display for reference throughout this project.

Explain that there are no sounds on this particular video and they are going to be sound 'treasure hunters' and locate as many of these sounds as possible.

Also explain they are going to create a recording of the poem and then insert each sound at the right point.

NB You could insert the sounds at the wrong points to make a comedy example if you were feeling particularly renegade!

Student Instructions

Watch the video with your teacher.

Make a list of sounds collected by 'The Sound Collector'.

2 Gathering Sound Effects!

Create a class account so you can access this website easily for download purposes.  

Explain to the chidren how they can download their sound effects to your school network.  Remind them about searching effectively - just searching for 'crunching flakes' may not be very effective! What else could they try for a similar result?

Alternatively if you are pressed for time you could provide suitable sounds for the children to access.  You will however end up with pretty similar projects....

Student Instructions

Use the class login to access this website http://freesfx.com/

3 Recording 'The Sound Collector'

Activity: Other — Performing/Recording

You have a choice of either recording a collective version of the poem that each child will use to add their own sound effects 


Each child/small group records their own version. In which case they can use Soundtrap from the next step to add their recording of the poem.

If the children are recording their own version

Student Instructions

You will be part of a class recording of 'The Sound Collector' or perhaps recording your own version on your own or in a group. Your teacher will be telling you which...

4 Putting it all together!

Free, Free to try, Paid

Have each student sign up to Soundtrap.  You can sign up with Google or Microsoft accounts.

When the children are in they can enter the 'Studio' area of the site.  Have the children start a blank template and use the 'Voice and Microphones' option when presented with the track type.  Record the poem onto the first track or if you recorded a class version in the previous step you can add the audio file into this first track.

Have children add separate tracks to add each sound effect collected in the earlier step, or from your class shared area if you are providing the sound effects.

Remind the children about the zoom controls on the bottom left of the screen - they will need to be used in order to drag some small sound effects into the correct place.  Larger sound effects downloaded from the website will need to be trimmed by dragging them to size.

You will need to adjust the sound levels of each track so it sounds suitable.  Look for the gear wheel at the side of each track to import each sound effect. You can rename each track as well to keep 'track' of which sound effect is which.

Once all the sound effects are added and are in the correct position (this will take a few sessions to achieve) look for the 'download' button at the top middle of the screen next to the purple 'save' button.  This can be now be shared and enjoyed!


Student Instructions

Add a recording of the Sound Collector to Track 1.

Position your collected sound effects into the tracks below Track 1 and make sure you position them so they play at the right time!

Adjust the sound level of each track and download once your Sound Collector poem is complete.