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Playful Math

This is a review lesson of addition and subtraction for kindergarten and 1st grade.
Kelsey H.
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Harvest Ridge Elementary School
St. Charles, United States
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The student will be able to correctly answer addition and substraction at their correct grade level in regards to both word problems and equations. 


Grades K – 1
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1 Hook

To start the lesson I will play a BrainPop video about how to add and subtract. This should grab the student's attention and capture their interest into math time. 

The vidoes would be a review from the students to remind them how to do the different prodeucres, which they should all know.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Assessing

During the lesson we will use the smartboard to demostrate how to add and subtract. The board will have a chart with three rows and one column and circles at the times. I will read a word problem to the students and then explain how to solve the problem.

For example, There was 10 apples in a tree and 4 fell down, how many apples are left in the tree.    

To do this I would bring down 10 circles and then take away 4 of them and then count what I have left. (10-4=6)

I would do this with both additon and subtraction word problems and remind students how to tell if you add or subtract to solve the problem. I would also write the number sentence that goes with the word problem


For this lesson, there is no new concpets being taught, rather its a review for students to remember to how add and subtract and when to use which prodecure. This lesson is being modeled by the teacher and the student. It shows exactly how to fill in the chart to solve addition or subtraction word problems. 

3 Guided Practice

For an activity students get in partners and create word problems for their partner to solve. They will have manipluatives to work with during this time. Students will write down their number sentence that goes along with each word problem. Students will do this for about 15 mintues. During this time the teacher will walk around and observe and help students as needed.




4 Independent Practice

Once students finish with the partner activity. The students will play on the app "Playful Minds" to review additing and subtracting. Students cannot go to next topic until the student has mastered the concept of adding and/or subtracting. Student's progress is saved in the app and I can go see how the student is doing. 

5 Wrap-Up

After students finish playing the app "playful minds" we will get together as a class and do a few more adding and substracting problems to check for understanding. 

At home or in freetimes students can play the app "Motion Math:hungry Guppy" this helps students with further practice on adding and subtracting.