Lesson Plan

Plants-What do they need to grow?

Students will investigate plants need to survive and then report on what they have learned
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Students will be able to...

  • describe a pattern of what plants need to survive
  • identify how plants use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs
  • use a publishing app to create a product of their own design that informs their audience
Grades K – 2
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1 Building Background on Plants

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  • Students will begin learning by making a padlet to activate prior knowledge about plants.  Students will add information to their padlet with the labels: Plants Can..., Plants Have..., Plants Need....  
    • Differentiation: The padlet can be created as a whole class on a projector so students can see what others are contributing, or students could work in groups on a group padlet.

2 Gaining Knowledge

  • Set the purpose for the reading students will be doing by asking the essential question of the investigation "What do plants need to survive?"
  • Students will conduct investigation  research on EPIC! using books that pertain to how plants grow.  Teacher will direct students to search for "plants" and find books about how plants grow or survive.
    • Differentiation: This could be modeled for students or done as a whole group on a projector using EPIC.  The whole group could read the chosen book to get information about how plants grow. 
    • Two books that are available on EPIC for this purpose:
      • How Do Plants Grow? by Julie Lundgren (this is also a Read to Me book on the app)
      • How Do Plants Survive? by Kelly MacAulay
  • ​Students will collect information about what plants need to survive using the resources found on EPIC.  Direct students to write the individual pieces of information on Post-It notes. 
    • Differentiation: Information could be collected on a Padlet board in order to give students various methods to collect information (typing, voice recorder, etc.)

3 Produce a MultiMedia Presentation

  • Direct students to organize their Post-It notes from their research into an order that makes sense to them.
  • Inform students that they will use Shadow Puppet Edu to create a multi-media presentation about what plants need to survive.  
    • Encourage students to create their own pictures to accompany their notes
    • Students can also use pictures from the galleries associated with the app to get appropriate pictures.  
    • Differentiation: Students could work in groups to complete the production task.  The group could gather their notes together in order to create the multi-media product. 
  • Students will present their final product to their classmates when all products are complete.