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Plant's life cycle

Students will learn the life cycle of plants
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Students will be able to...

Student Objectives:

Students will learn be able define plant life cycle vocabulary words.

Students will identify the two types of plant classifications.

Students will list what plants need to grow.

Students will be able to draw out a plant lifecycle.

Students will explain the function of each plant part.

Students will grow their own plants.

Grades 5 – 7
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Activity: Investigating

Teacher will bring a house plant or a garden plant depending on the time of the year and ask students the following:

1. How did this plant get to be so big?

2. What type of plant or garden plant is it?

3. What does it need to survive?

Student Instructions

Students will raise their hands to answer any of the questions as teacher rights responses on the board.

Students list one plant that they know of.


Free to try, Paid

Teacher ask students to take notes or write questions.

Teacher will show students the zaption video:


Student Instructions

Students will use a device to answer the questions from the video and if not device is available students may answer questions on small white boards.


Free, Paid

Teacher will give students all materials needs to plant seeds and a monitoring sheet.


Teacher will use Zinnias and/or beans they germinate very quickly


Review plant cycle with following video:





Student Instructions

Students will plant their seed in pot with medium and monitor on a check sheet amount of water and growth on a day by day basis.

Students will properly label plants with common name and date of planted.

Students watch video after caring for plants to review what has been learned.


Teacher will introduce students to the following website

Teacher will first show students the walk through video.

Teacher then puts the code up for students to start the independent practice, which can be for a grade of the teacher chooses to.




Student Instructions

Students will first watch the video to learn about quizzizz

Student will work on his/her own chromebook.


Activity: Presenting

Teacher randomly calls on a student to come up to the class and show their plants.  The questions are on the board in a circle with a spinner so that a student spins and answers one of the following questions:


How are plants classified?

What is a life cycle?

What does a seed need to germinate (grow?)

What are the stages of a flowering plant?

What do flowers produce?

What is the function of the following:




What do seeds need to grow?

Why do plants need sunlight?

Student Instructions

Students will  show the class their plants and randomly spin to answer one of the questions from the board. (exit ticket)