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Plants and Critters in Washington

Through technology, students will explore plants and critters found in Washington State
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Students will be able to identify several native and non-native plants in Washington State. 

Grades 2 – 4
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1 Communicating Learning Target and Direct Instruction- Exploring

"Today we are going to explore outside and discover some animals and plants that we find. We will then research it a little bit utilizing technology in different ways."

"Today we are going to go outside and explore nature. We are going to go outside and collect our findings into this data sheet that I've created in Google Docs. You will see that your group, put the date and add in anything that you have found while outside." 

"In addition to using Google Docs we will be using an app called Project Noah on our iPads. Through this app you will be able to document your species and look up species you do not know. I want us to be taking photos on our exploration. Those will be handy later."

(Task Card for Google Doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mw6fGGzAvPk8FNVHDejKSuSkOJwHTp8acRy4... )


(Task card for Project Noah https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sfFr_Ra9BjicGDAMQ_vuvr1dyW26K0TQZf_F...)

"Lets go outside!" 
Gather students and have them spread out in an area where plants and animals are abundant. 



2 Guided Practice- Taking Pictures

Activity: Other — Presenting

In the classroom after students have gathered photos:

"Lets have groups present their findings. Show some pictures that you took of species that your know and some that you  don't. Take five minutes to pick 6 photos that you'd like to share with the class."

When students are showing their pictures, ask the group what they think it is and more importantly why they think it is that species. If they do not know, give guiding questions to give them idea of what it may be. 
Use the projector or get the appropriate cord to hook up the iPad to the projector to show the students' work. 

3 Independent Practice- Research

Activity: Other — ChatterPix App

Help students identify at least one species that they found and took a photo of. 

"Using the photo you have selected, I want you to research your species and create a "ChatterPix Kids. In your ChatterPix, you need to state 3 things that you learned about your species."

(ChatterPix Kids Task Card https://docs.google.com/document/d/1drt8RtQPsspSAMb6fgdRg3jFJ5b2ar0kIYim...)