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Plant Life Cycle & Requirements for Growth

Students use several apps to understand the life cycle of a plant. Students will also understand what conditions plants need to be healthy.
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Students will be able to explain the life cycle of a plant using scientific vocabulary. They will understand what plants need to grow and be healthy based on observation and experimentation.

Grades 1 – 3
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1 Hook


Groups of 4 students collaborate to explain what they know about the plant life cycle and conditions for proper plant growth. As part of this discussion they share evidence from real plants they have seen growing and plants they have grown themselves.

2 Direction Instruction

Free, Paid

Use a Nearpod lesson to go through the different steps of a plant life cycle. Use several plant examples so students are clear that the life cycle is similar for all types of plants.

Read aloud a book such as From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons.

Show a time lapse video from Teachertube such as Wisconsin Fast Plants Life Cycle Time Lapse and have students whisper to a partner the different plant parts they see emerging at each stage.

Have students return to their WeMap and add new knowledge and questions.

3 Guided Practice

In pairs students complete the different sections of the Plants HD app to understand the different parts of a plant life cycle. They complete the quizzes and read the interesting facts.

As a quick summary students read p. 13-17 in Plants are Living Things by Bobbie Kalman in the Epic! app.

Students return to their WeMap and add new knowledge and questions.

4 Independent Practice


Students play the Green Up app, taking care of a virtual plant and exploring what happens to plant health under different conditions.

Students play the Great Plant Escape at urbanext.illinois.edu, going through each case in the "mystery".

Simultaneously each student plants real seeds under 3 different conditions of their choosing (different amounts of water, sunlight, soil quality, etc.) They should articulate what they hypothesize will happen to each plant and why. They continue to care for their plants through a life cycle (realizing that some plants might not make it through a life cycle, depending on the conditions they choose).

Students keep records of their experiments in Pages, including photos.

5 Wrap-up

Students create a final presentation in an app such as Strip Designer, Educreations, Popplet, or My Story. Their presentation should indicate understanding of a plant's life cycle and their discoveries based on experimentation.

In addition, students complete a written assessment about plant life cycles and conditions for growth.