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Plant Growth Timelapse Video

See you plants grow before your eyes!
Jeremy B.
Classroom teacher
Thomas M. Ryan Intermediate School
Richland, United States
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My Grades 3, 4, 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

  • Demonstrate the growth of plants.
  • Take photos on a mobile device.
  • Create a Time Lapse video using an iPad app.
  • Measure plant growth.
  • Enter growth into a Google Sheet.
Grades 2 – 3
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  • Show a pre-made video showing plant growth. This could be one the teacher made or a student made from the previous year, or just google search for one.
  • Show a Growth Chart made in Google Sheets.


  • Using your curriculum materials, plant seeds as described in the manual.
  • Allow students to choose the plant growth location in the classroom. Look for variations (by a window, in a cupboard, under a sink, in the dark, etc…).
  • Assign each student/group an iPad to use during the unit. It is important that they have their own per group or student and each iPad only record 1 plant.
  • Show how to do Time Lapse photography.
  • Demo: Take 1 photo from the same spot each day.​
    • The best way to assure this to put a tape line where the plant is located.
    • Also, place a line on the counter to place the iPad in the same spot each day as well.


  • Have students document plant growth each day with the Time Lapse app chosen on their assigned iPad.
    • The teacher will show how to take pictures and add them to the timeline of the student videos.
    • Work together the first couple of days to make sure everyone is doing things correctly.
  • Also create a shortcut on the iPad to a Google Sheet that they can record height of the plant each day. This will need to be set up in advance for each student/group to be added to the iPad. Students record the height and that data auto-builds the chart.


  • Students/groups will take pictures each day to document their plant growth.
  • Students/groups should predict how much growths will occur each week.
  • Students/groups will measure growths each day and enter into a Google Sheet (or Excel) to create a growth chart.


  • Watch the videos to see how each plant grew in each environment.