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Planning lessons
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You can go locally to Alexandria to see punitive lesson plans designed by central administration, who don't respect teachers. Fairfax has some teacher-hating-principals, too. Teaching is not for kids anymore. It's for a high paid administrator to justify her/his job. Sad truth. For accountability - let's have school's publish the lesson plan template and document how many hours it's takes for teachers to complete these tortuous worksheets. Then tell parents, the reason you aren't getting more frequent feedback on your kid, is that your kid's teacher has to prioritize paper work over building community relationships.

At one school, we were to turn in our plan books at year end for storage; the principal had read those stories about school systems being sued if the kid didn't learn to read and he thought the plan books would prove the kid had been taught. 

Another time, we had a new principal who came from middle school and had no idea how early elementary worked; he observed many of us multiple times to make sure he checked off all the boxes on the observation form. He even told us that at his former school the teachers wrote and practiced a script before he observed them. Oh right, that is SUCH an accurate depiction of what we actually do in the classroom. Spend write my essay for me in 3 hours and studying a script for each 45 minute lesson?

This isn't about Common Core, teaching to the tests or an overburdened principal. This is just another example of an administrator piling more pointless busywork on top of teachers to make himself/herself look good and justify his/her bloated paycheck.  

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