Lesson Plan

Plane Geometry and Angle Relationships in the Environment

Importance of geometry in everyday life and perception. Developing fluency in navigating between apps
Matt C.
Classroom teacher
Aptos Middle School (San Francisco, CA)
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Students will be able to... identify and estimate measurements of plane forms/angles/angle relationships in everyday objects in the environment and document and share their findings using multiple applications


Grades 6
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — Triangle puzzle

DO NOW:  Make a rough sketch of this illustration in your notebook and see how many different triangles you can count in 5 minutes.

2 Guided Practice/Independent Practice

The assumption is made that students have basic understanding of these apps, pushing and pulling their work.**

Students will choose an inanimate object in the class room draw in sketchbook, using the concept of perspective and rules for perspective drawing discussed previously.  

Students will share their drawings with a partner, in Google Drive with editing permissions. Partners will voerwrite the drawing with a contrasting color, identifying planar forms, and/or angle relationships.

Students will then use Google Drive cameras to photograph common objects around the school (their homes, outside can be assigned to carry lesson on for more than one period).  They will import the photos into Skitch and over-draw plane forms/angles and estimate the number of degrees for each angle they identify.


3 Assess/Challenge

Students teams are given a list of angles/plane/figures/angle relationships that they must somehow find or make in the environment outside of the classroom.  They will use cameras to record and skitch to overwrite images and show their angular estimations.  Each team member will be responsibe for hashtagging at least one finished photo to a twitter hashtag.