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Plan, Teach, Assess, Support, Share

Using digital tools effectively to take your lesson from planning to sharing your student's learning with the world.
Catherine B.
Classroom teacher
Copper Mesa Elementary (Highlands Ranch, CO)
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My Grades 4
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students and teachers will be able to...

-Plan a unit or lesson, seamlessly integrating standards and user-preferred templates

-Deliver content in a flipped/blended learning style

-Create and take formative assessments

-Provide support and reinforcements for differentiated learning

-Share student content

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades Pre-K – 12
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1 Plan

Common Curriculum
Free, Free to Try, Paid

After setting up class schedules, templates can be created to help facilitate lesson planning (and expanded into unit planning). These templates are very open and customizable to fit your unit planning style.  Common Core/Standards are easily included into the lesson.  You can also collaborate with others and share out pieces of the lesson to a website for student viewing.  Exporting into Word is also supported.

2 Teach

Teachers build out lesson materials and post them to the Edmodo group that they have set up for their class.  Resources can be placed into folders, quizzes can be assigned, teachers can get student feedback using Polls, students can check the calendar for classroom events and assignment due.  Teachers create assignments, students complete them and teachers can grade them within Edmodo.  Badging is also available.

3 Support

For students who need a bit of extra support (or even enrichment), teachers can utilize Khan Academy for math related skills, or (with a subscription) Brain Pop for videos with a variety of content and subject areas. 

4 Assess

Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Use of any (or all) of these sites allow teachers do conduct quick formative assessment data in an engaging way.

Padlet allows you to post a question or idea for students to reflect on  Students need only the website link--they double click on the screen and can add their own text.  Questions can be concrete with definite answers, or push students toward higher order thinking with open ended questions. 

Kahoot allows teachers to set up quizzes using an engaging student response system (somewhat like clickers, but the response device can be anything from a phone, to a tablet to the computer).  Teachers can upload pictures to support the quiz questions.  Student  feedback is instantaneous and the response data is available to teachers to better inform instruction.

5 Share

Activity: Other — Voice Thread

Student work is posted to Voice Thread (http://voicethread.com/) where others can view it and comment on it.  This opens student learning and content to a broad audience and provides them with authentic feedback.