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Place Value

Students will learn place value in 2 digit numbers.
Jana S.
Technology Integration Specialist
Mt. Lebanon School District
Pittsburgh, United States
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Students will be able to represent 2 digit numbers by using sticks to group by tens and ones. 


Grades 1
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1 Hook

Teacher will use the educreations app to upload an image of a bubblegum machine. The teacher will add "dots" throughout the machine to represent bubblegum. Teacher will pose a question to students: Is there a way to count all this bubblegum quicker than counting by ones?

2 Direct Instruction

1. Teacher will model counting by ones using a gumball machine (via educreations) and tell students that today, they will learn another way to count, counting by 10’s.

2. Teacher will count 1 group of ten and circle the group, using an interactive pen. 

3. Teacher will explain that 1 group of 10 equals 10 ones.

4. Teacher will use a place value mat to demonstrate the total number of gumballs, using sticks.

Tens Ones


3 Guided Practice

1. Teacher will add more gumballs to the gumball machine (via educreations).

2. Teacher will determine if students can successfully create groups of 10 by using the interactive pen (to circle groups of 10).

3. Teacher will determine if students can correctly identify the place value of the two digit number using the place value mat and sticks.

Tens Ones


4 Independent Practice

Activity: Exploring

1. Students will pick a number.

2. Students must use their place value mat to identify the tens and the ones in that number.

Tens Ones

3. Teacher will check students work and apply scaffolding when needed.

5 Wrap-Up

1. Students will hold up a “Plicker” card to answer questions about 2 digit numbers and their place value (ie: Hold up a 2 digit number. Ask students “how many ones are in this number?” How many tens are in this number?). 

2. Teacher will analyze the results of the formative assessment to plan tomorrow’s lesson accordingly and provide differentiated instruction if needed.