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Place Number Value

Student will learn to recognize the place value of two-digit numbers in different situations.
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Students will be able to recognize two digit-numbers and organized them as groups of tens and ones  

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1 Hook

Teacher will have the movie ready on the computer and tell the students:

“Let’s gather in front of the big screen to watch a short movie.”

The movie is call “place value” on brainpop.com

2 Explore

Activity: Other — Students will gather in small groups (4-6 students) to count the tiles given by the teacher
  1. Teacher will instruct the students to gather in small groups
  2. Teacher will assign each group a work place and give the tiles to each group.
  3.  Teacher will ask the students to count them in the best way they can.

3 Explain

Activity: Exploring
  1. If it is difficult to count, try making groups of tens. (Teacher can show how to make groups of ten tiles).
  2. After you have all the groups of tens, and have leftover tiles, that will be the group of ones.
  3. When all the tiles are in groups, you can count by tens and add the ones.
  4. Now you know how many tiles you have.
  5. Write the number of tiles you have in your group on an individual white board to share with the class.

Each group will identify the tens and ones on the number they have on the individual board as they expose to the group

4 Elaborate

Activity: Other — Students will solve other problems with two-digit numbers. (See attachment

1.Teacher will help read the problems with the students.

2. What do you need to find out? (students answer according to the problem situation)

3. What information do you have? (students answer with the information the problem gives)

4. What do you do now? (students will propose a solution to solve the problem.) Use the tiles if you need.

5. Solve more problems (Listed below)

Student Instructions


1.Uncle Drew picked the oranges from the tree. He fills three bags with ten oranges and one more bag with 4 oranges. How many oranges does he have?

2. The auditorium has 6 rows of chairs. Each row has ten chairs. The stage has 4 more chairs. How many chairs are in the auditorium?

3. The snack box has some pretzel bags. Each bag has ten pretzel sticks. If I give one bag of pretzel sticks to 8 students, how many pretzel sticks will you eat all together?

4. Adrian has a collection of small toy cars. He has 2 boxes with ten secured cars on each side of the box. Then he got five more small cars for his collection on his birthday. How many little toy cars Adrian has now?

5 Evaluate

  1. When you are finish with this page you can get the i-Pad and log in into ixl.com (students should be able to do it independently)
  2. Go to Math 1st grade
  3. Find” Place value” section and click
  4. Start playing. You have 10 min to enjoy
  5. I will check your progress later.